Eversoft is a unique combination of broad skills and extensive practical experience of experts in the fields of:

  • management for the companies of different size and industry-specific
  • business strategic and operational consulting
  • modernization and optimization of management systems based on international standards and process reference models
  • management and implementation of projects, including IT, with varying degrees of complexity and range
  • design and implementation of solutions in a wide range of functional and technological area

We are a reliable supplier of comprehensive consulting services and solutions, based on the potential of information technology in improving business management systems.

During our cooperation with customers, we focus on synchronization between business goals and the applied organizational and technological solutions to ensure maximum added value of the economy's sector.

For optimizing the key areas of management and support business process by software tools, we enable economic organizations and institutions to achieve high efficiency in responding to rapidly changing market needs.

Our solutions provide executives dynamic monitoring of the business goals and achieve high-quality end products.

We take care of building partnerships with our customers based on the highest standards of quality, professional approach to solve business transparency problems.


The capital group Eversoft create also subsidiary companies and brands which offer services and products up to focus on specific areas for customers. Companies looking for precision tools for cell predefined business can take advantage of their abilities to more quickly achieve the desired results. During operating in three major service areas Eversoft combines unique skills and experience that are part of teams working in these companies.

Everconcept is a pioneer in solutions using mechanisms „Social Enterprise”, currently the strongest trend in the development of new businesses. A key product of the company is Everprogress authoring system which supports the modeling and management of business processes using the latest communication technologies and opportunities arising from social elements.

EverIM is a modern brand in the market of outsourcing services focused on interim management services. By focusing on one spot of the experts with relevant experience and unique competences, customers can get at the disposal a manager who is relevant to the needs during the project or for a specific task. EverIM services are the best answer to the growing demand for temporary management.

Evercloud company was created together with Canadian partner, PMBest Inc. (minority shareholder). The new entity will operate using cloud computing („cloud-based”) in a SaaS model, which is a sharing of innovative applications via Internet at level of effectiveness confirmed by implementations on foreign markets. The company offer is directed to clients of insurance sector and financial services sector. There are ongoing intensive efforts to identify potential products that will be included in company portfolio.

BOC - Eversoft uses Adonis tools for business processes modeling
IBM - Eversoft is a trading partner and technical solutions based on technology IBM FileNet solution supporting document management and workflow, automating tasks and activities related to the content.
Software AG – Eversoft uses Aris for business process modeling.
WebSense - Eversoft is a trading and technical partner for the supply of software implementing wide-ranging protection of data and systems.

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