• About Eversoft

    About Eversoft The main fields of Eversoft’s activities are: advisory services oriented on improving the system of management, optimization of enterprise business architecture and IT services in the use of information technology\’s potential to efficiently support the business processes and functioning of enterprises. We are focused on solving problems in the management and functioning of enteprises area in order to enable the effective realization of their business strategy. We use high and scalable competence and practical experience in the synchronization of cooperation between management and representatives of business and IT\’ s client. The main domain of Eversoft services are:

    • Strategic and opertional consulting in management and organization of businesses of every size and industry-specific, based on global standards and process reference models.
    • Defining the concept of business and IT projects
    • Support for execution and management of projects
    • Design and manufacture of dedicated IT solutions, including those based on author\’s platform BMP / Workflow everprogress
    • Implementing IT solutions and technical and operational support
    • Outsourcing services

    Particular care of company is building partnerhip with client, based on trust, business ethics and professionalism in approach of solving business and IT problems.

    At this moment our team has over 100 employees and associates.

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