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Eversoft provides complex consulting, IT and outsourcing services for companies and institutions. Our core business focuses on management systems improvement, business processes optimisation and new technologies adoption in business context. Synergy between all these elements and their adjustment to every business size would not be possible without a team whose special qualifications play a crucial role in Eversoft. We look for talented and goal-oriented specialists whose expertise and experience go hand-in-hand with courage to face exceptional challenges. In return we offer job in a strong team, attractive work conditions and ambitious projects. In Eversoft we value dedication and we create co-operation atmosphere so that every employee could find support of others and gain motivation for goals achievement. Eversoft adopted equal opportunities policy. Recruitment process is based only on assessment of qualifications, achievements and qualifications required at a given position. We also take into consideration development and promotion potential. We treat all candidates equally and without discrimination on any ground such as race, sex, age, religion, handicap or sexual orientation etc. (as set out in Article 18 of the Labour Code).

Development opportunities

All employees in Eversoft have a chance to develop within projects or organisation structures. We make sure there is balance between internal promotion and external recruitment of new employees. All employees in our company have the right to apply for open positions.

Recruitment process or how we do it

The recruitment in Eversoft is a multi-step process. The steps might vary depending on position type. Discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed at all times.

Step 1 – Applications collection

Curricula vitae are collected from direct applications of candidates, online postings or via recruitment agencies we work with. All available job offers can be found at our website in Vacancies tab. If there is no job offer you like you can always send your application at rekrutacja@eversoft.com.pl and inform us what position you would be interested in. All candidates applying online receive a confirmation of receipt.

Step 2 – Applications evaluation

Our Human Resources team screen applications based on the selection criteria described in job offer and evaluate your experience and qualifications.

Step 3 – Additional tools

Prior to job interview you may be asked to answer to questionnaires and tests or to perform tasks. This is to check the adequacy of your qualifications and experience to the post you apply for. The tools we use to this end include:

  • psychometric tests
  • knowledge test
  • English language proficiency test The results of this step will be communicated to you by e-mail of phone.

Step 4 – Getting to know each other

Candidates whose qualifications and experience match the requirements of a given post are invited to an interview. Depending on the position type, the interview may be given by the Human Resources Director and your future superior or, in case of an IT position, by the recruitment team. During the interview we want to learn more about your qualifications and your professional attitude. We want our employees to like their job and to share the corporate values. Remember that the interview is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about duties and functions at the post you apply for and about the company, its operational standards, organisational culture, position at the market and development plans.

Step 5 – Taking decision and communicating it

We make sure that all candidates having had time to come to the interview receive a feedback. Therefore, you will always have an answer by e-mail or phone, whatever the result of the interview is. If you are the one we chose to a given position in Eversoft the Human Resources Director will contact you by phone and invite you to another meeting in order to inform you in detail about your future duties and Eversoft professional standards.

Current Openings

Contact our Human Resource Management
Tel. + 48 22 882 25 16

e-mail: rekrutacja@eversoft.com.pl

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