19.05.2014 - New services – EverFinance

EverFinance – Focus On Your Business!
What is EverFinance?
Have you ever wondered how much time needs to be spent on administration processes? How many hours need to be devoted to paper work? How many irritating duties distract you from concrete business activities? Why would you even waste your time and energy on something that doesn’t bring any profits?
We have thought this through and we know that EverFinance is the solution to all of the aforementioned problems. The group of specialists we have hired will take care of your finances comprehensively. We will manage your taxes faultlessly and on time. We will take care of your reports for the Internal Revenue Service and Central Statistical Office. We will calculate environmental fees and send the information to the marshals office for you. We will organize the recruitment process, hire new employees, and conduct the health and safety at work training course. 
We also offer complex controlling reports. We will keep you posted on the expenses and earnings performance of your business. Our consultants will help you optimize the costs of your actions.
That is not all – Wouldn’t you like to reduce constant personnel costs?  You pay for holidays, absences, hardware and software, you rent the office, which needs to be equipped. You can decrease these costs with our help and at the end of the month you will receive an invoice that will lower your tax (double benefit for you)!
Please, don’t mistake us for some standard, average accounting office. We act dynamically and in a modern style. When contacting our clients we use a modern platform EVERPROGRESS that supports business management.  
EverFinance also means complex support for what is broadly known as “the backoffice”. We will book a hotel for you, rent a car, organize a conference or an event. Thanks to our widespread network of contactors, we are capable of offering you competitive prices. Shopping for the office? We will take care of that too.
Additionally, we will supervise your car fleet. We have discounts on authorized and dedicated car services, we can also negotiate favourable prices for your insurance policy (also for leasing cars!) 
Our team consists of experienced specialists in finance, business and management. The Backoffice is our natural habitat where we feel as comfortable as ducks in water! Let yourself be guided by our professionals. 
For whom?
Everybody, who would like to be relieved of the pains of conducting administration and maintaining a backoffice department are invited to cooperate with us. FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS!
Finances and controlling: 
Elżbieta Gajewska
Danuta Kleszczyńska
Payroll service & HR:
Agnieszka Czarnecka
Car fleet management:
Szymon Leśniewski

18.04.2014 - Easter time 2014

It is our pleasure to continue our tradition of engaging in charity.
This special Easter time, we are happy to support Mrs’s Anna Dymna Foundation Mimo Wszystko for people with intellectual disabilities by purchasing their very special Easter cards for our Clients.

Along with the Mimo Wszystko volunteers we would like to wish our Clients and Employees:

An enjoyable Spring season and a boost of energy and happiness.

Let the mystery of Easter remind us about what is important in life.
Let it give us faith, hope and love, so that we will look forward to the future with a smile and remember that life is a gift.

24.12.2013 - Christmas 2013

It has already become our tradition that the companies Everconcept and Eversoft actively participate in charity works during Christmas time.

It is our pleasure to inform you that this year we have decided to support Mrs Anna Dymna’s foundation Mimo Wszystko for people with intellectual disabilities and the Vide Supra Foundation which aims to give young people in financial difficulties an equal start in life by creating various grant programmes.

Thanks to the unbelievable engagement of the volunteers of both foundations, we were able to purchase unique cookbooks Business@Cooking as well as beautifully and professionally made Christmas cards which were later sent to our clients. It is a great joy for us that the funds we have raised will support both Foundations and reach the people that need them most.

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31.07.2013 - Everconcept and Everprogress - new brands in the group Eversoft

At the beginning of year 2013, the Eversoft group has launched a new company – Everconcept, which is a pioneer in the market-based solutions mechanisms "Social Enterprise" - currently the strongest trend in the development of modern business. Everconcept team specializes in process optimization using modern tools. The result of these changes is increasing the resources efficiency of enterprises in key fields of activity.

05.07.2013 - Interim management services market in 2012

According to a new study made by the Times Consulting magazine, consulting services market recorded a 3% increase between December 2011 and December 2012. Charles Russam, GMS board member, believes that this slight increase is significant in times of economic stagnation in many countries. The results of a study correlate well with other reports from the industry. They say that employees who do not have a permanent contract of employment, are becoming increasingly common phenomenon in some countries account for up to one third of the market for interim management.

05.07.2013 - How to improve developers and application engineers efficiency?

According to the report made by the American company Electric Cloud, developers and engineers devote more time to meetings, administration, planning the work and waiting for test results than to the actual tasks of programming and software design. The reason for this is existing and far from optimal workflow.